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Category: Comedy

Live and in Living Colour

12. Christmas Movies - Elf, Home Alone, White Christmas, Jingle All the Way, A Christmas Carol, Formula One, Pokemon, Duck Tales and more. Nick Mason does not feature on this podcast.

December 10, 2016

Welcome back one and all to another edition of the Pints of View Podcast - a name which is becoming increasingly redundent considering we now rarely drink when recording these. Well, drink booze anyway. This time we were buzzed off our faces on coffee. It's a goodun though. Join us as we discuss all of the best Christmas movies ever made and some rubbish ones too. Also discussed is the Formula One finale, the latest Pokemon games and obviously bond and wrestling. There's an appearence from Censorship Santa who spares our reputations and the Top 5 Christmas songs you've probably never heard. Enjoy the pod and visit the links below.




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