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Category: Comedy

Live and in Living Colour

7. Rizbudmania - WWE Wrestlemania 32

April 19, 2016

This episode is dedicated to the memory of Judas Rizbud Gill, 1872-2016. May he rest in peace.

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In this episode Kris and the late Judas Gill discuss this years Wrestlemania. As not everyone is a fan of the ol' pro-wrestling we have chucked in an extra special 'live' recording so those of you who aren't interested in oiled up men hugging can listen to the first half an hour and then go about your business. I would however recommend that you stick around to honour Gill's memory as he tragically died during the recording of this episode. Thankfully it was only at the very end so the quality of the episode is not compromised by his unwillingness to leave it until the end of the show before keeling over. Also discussed this time round is piracy, Frasier, hair care and very briefly - Star Wars.

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