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Live and in Living Colour

9. Good Guys at Sports - Olympics, Premier League, Football, Formula One, Athletics, Boxing, Greatest Ever Sports men and women, Great Commentary and more!

August 17, 2016

After an unusually (pretty usual actually) long break the Pints of View Podcast has returned to your ears at last. This time round its all about sport, sports and whey they are great. We discuss football, cricket, boxing, fandom, formula one, athletics, commentary and all of our favourite sporting moments. Kris also nails a Kevin Keegan impression and anyone who says he didn't is just a liar. Please as alway enjoy the show and see below for how to contact us.

Email: pintsofviewpod@gmail.com


Website: pintsofviewpodcast.wordpress.com


Follow Kris on Twitter: @KrisHallam


Title Music thanks to The Man Who Loves You: themanwholovesyou.bandcamp.com


Intro and Outro bed from ToeJam and Earl (1991)