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Category: Comedy

Live and in Living Colour

April 1, 2016

6. Ted Talk - Father Ted, British Comedies, Ghostbusters, James Bond and more!

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This edition of the Pints of View Podcast sees Kris and Gill talk about the new lady Ghostbusters and wondering if them being ladies is as much of a problem as the terrible trailer is, ponder whether or not money is taking the beautiful game from the common man, consider Tarantino's works and mourn the loss of Father Jack. In addition to this is the usual wrestling, Bond and self-indulgent chat and Gill cracks out some spectacular impressions. You can now find the Pints of View Podcast on YouTube so we can earn some ad money maybe. Visit pintsofviewpodcast.wordpress.com for full details.

Love you


March 1, 2016

5. Dead White Men - David Bowie, Lemmy, Alan Rickman and other dead celebrities

It's been about a month and that means another edition of the Pints of View Podcast. In this episode Kris and Gill muse over the lives and careers of the celebrities that have died lately including Alan Rickman, Sir Terry Wogan, David Bowie and of course Lemmy. It's not all morbid though, there's a brand new section called 'News' where some recent events are discussed, somebody actually emailed the show and some really quite awful impressions that are frankly a stain on poor Alan Rickman's great legacy. We're sorry Alan but we loved you in Love Actually. Well, Kris did; Gill hasn't seen it. 

Thanks to The Man Who Loves You for the theme song. Go to themanwholovesyou.bandcamp.com to hear that song in full and the rest of their brilliant album. 


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January 14, 2016

4. The Late, Late Christmas Show

Yeah, yeah. We know, Christmas has been and gone. In our defence if you're listening to this in the future it makes no difference and its all Gill's fault anyway. 

In this episode Kris and Gill discuss their favourite Christmas Specials including Father Ted, Bottom, Blackadder, Only Fools and Horses and many more. Gill taps and scratches as per usual, reveals some information about dark days gone by and reveals he's exactly what you've always suspected - a fan of Friends.



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November 27, 2015

Episode 3 - Spectre

It's a hangover edition of the pod as Gill and Kris stay sober to review James Bond's latest adventure. They make a five-a-side team of Bond villains, Kris saves a man's life and Gill eats with his mouth full. Don't forget to visit themanwholovesyou.bandcamp.com which we forgot to plug in the show. Enjoy xx

October 8, 2015

Episode 2 - Bond, James Bond

This episode sees Kris and Gill get the jump on SPECTRE and comprehensively cover every James Bond film ever made except for the rubbish fake ones. They try to list the top 5 Bond theme songs and somehow manage to complete it, that is if they can remember what they said five minutes before of course. They also discuss actors that could be and should have been Bond, one of his girls or a villain; lose themselves in their love of Diana Rigg; and do some impressions of varying accuracy.